Features of The New iPhones ProRAW

IPhones ProRAW

Apple has launched a new range of iPhone smartphones, which will contain unprecedented new features related to the camera and video recording.

The new phones will include the phone's portrait mode video option, the ability to record video in a high-quality format called ProRes, and a new system that improves the appearance and colors of images, according to insiders who spoke to Bloomberg.

Besides the camera improvements, the new iPhones will get other relatively modest improvements.  Last year, the company revamped the iPhone's design, added 5G wireless networks, and updated its camera hardware.

The new iPhone screen is more advanced than the previous one

This year, the company will retain the same regular sizes of 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches and the dimensions of the Pro screen of 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, in addition to its designs.

Also, the new phones will include a faster and smaller A15 chip, as well as a new screen technology that can enable a faster and smoother refresh rate.

The new ProRes video recording feature will allow iPhone users to capture clips in a high-quality format that gives users more control during post-production.

The best feature of ProRes

Also, ProRes will follow an addition to ProRAW that was added last year, a high-quality stable image file format that gives professional editors more control.  As with ProRAW, ProRes video recording may be exclusive to higher-priced Pro models.

As for the other feature, it will allow users to better control the appearance of colors and details in their photos.

Users will be able to choose from several modes to apply to their photos, including one to show colors either at a warmer or cooler temperature while keeping the white color neutral.

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