What is the best way to rank high in Google search results?

Google ranking


Websites have become a critical element for many businesses.

    If your web page takes sufficient time to load, then you can bid your ranking prospects goodbye. Nobody likes to wait for a page to load. The process has to be very quick. In fact, the speed of pages has now assumed the characteristics of a mobile ranking factor as far as Google is concerned. If your sites take a lot of time to load, you will end up losing both visitors and money.

     Hence, as an essential part of web design strategy, it is pertinent to check the average speed of a site. There are several tools for the same as well. In case of any issue, it can be fixed by an able designer or a web design agency. Do not ignore the loading speed of your web page as it can lower your site’s credibility in the eyes of Google.

 1-Avoid graphic overdose

    There is a perception that by using too many graphics things can be explained easily. This is true, but conveying too many messages through graphics is a bad option. Some people pack in too many graphics on their websites, thinking these would bring in more audience. But in reality, excessive graphics can drive them fast, the graphics are very tough to optimize as well. Also, search engine robots won’t be able to read content in an image. So it might be construed as less content and this would hit your site ranking badly. Hence, it is better to limit the usage of graphics while designing a website.


    So, these are some of the useful and contemporary web designing tips that help your site to rank higher on search engines. For a website to rank higher, it has become very clear that users have become very important. Hence, a website should be designed only after considering factors such as mobile responsiveness, user experience, swifter loading time, etc. We hope this article helps you in designing a high-ranking website.

3- User experience

     User experience plays a vital role when it comes to ranking. If you care less for user experience, then you would be better off without having a website. What is the point in spending money on something which is hard of any use to you? It has been observed that if a user is not happy with the layout or the design, then he or she will never come to your site again.

   So, user experience is very much instrumental if you want to make an impact on search engine pages. Otherwise, even if you have good and useful content, people won’t come to your site, and this will negatively impact your site ranking. Hence, providing a better user experience should be one of the significant strategies in web design

          These three stages are the way, to top the Google list.

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