What is the best way to rank high in Google search results?

What is the best way to rank high in Google search results?

Google Ranking
Websites Have Become an Integral Part of Many Businesses
If your web page takes enough time to load, you can surpass your prospects in ranking.  No one wants to wait for a page to load.  The process should be very fast.  In fact, page speed has now acquired the characteristics of a mobile ranking factor in relation to Google.  If your sites take too long to load, you will lose both visitors and money.

So, as an important part of a web design strategy, it is appropriate to check the average speed of the site.  There are many tools for both as well.  In case of any problem, it can be fixed by an experienced designer or web design agency.  Don’t ignore the loading speed of your web page as it can reduce your site’s credibility in Google’s eyes.

1- Avoid Graphic Overdoses
There is a perception that by using lots of graphics things can be easily explained.  This is true, but sending too many messages through graphics is a bad option.  Some people fill in too many graphics on their websites, thinking that it will bring in more audience.  But in fact, super graphics can pay off quickly, and graphics are also hard to optimize.  Also, search engine bots cannot read the content in the image.  So it can be interpreted as less content and that will adversely affect the ranking of your site.  Therefore, it is better to limit the use of graphics while designing a website.

So here are some useful and contemporary web design tips that will help your site rank higher in search engines.  For a website to rank higher, it became very clear that users became very important.  Therefore, the website should only be designed after factors such as mobile responsiveness, user experience, faster load time, etc.  We hope this article helped you design a high-level website.

3- User Experience
User experience plays an important role when it comes to ranking.  If you don’t care about the user experience, it’s better to have no website.  What’s the point of spending money on something that’s hard for you to use?  It has been observed that if a user is not satisfied with the layout or design, they will never come to your site again.

Therefore, user experience is very useful if you want to influence search engine pages.  Otherwise, even if you have good and useful content, people will not come to your site, and this will negatively affect the ranking of your site.  Thus, providing a better user experience should be one of the essential web design strategies.
These three stages are the way, to top the Google list.

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