Bing News PubHub Guidelines for News Publishers

Embedding with Bing News PubHub can expand your journalism exponentially.  The content will be distributed to millions of Windows, Outlook, and Bing users who receive their news through Cortana, Office & Dynamics, Bing, and the Bing mobile app.

Cortana is a personal digital assistant powered by Bing.  Outlook users have the option to create a news feed using the Bing News Connector.  Dynamics CRM users can add news schedules to their phones or tablets.  The Bing search app provides easy access to trusted news sources on mobile devices.

As with other news aggregation platforms, Bing wants to provide its users with comprehensive, relevant, balanced, and trustworthy content.  They also use the publisher's guidelines to determine if you provide reliable and reliable news.

Before Starting

The Google WordPress News Plugin has been renamed the WordPress News Plugin with the release of version 3.0 as an essential plugin to help their customers with Bing and other indexes.  Preparation can be daunting for many clients, they provide services if you email them and need help before applying.

  ๐Ÿ‘‰But for confident DIY news publishers, it's better to take the time to be thorough than have to wait three months after rejection.

  ๐Ÿ‘‰To be considered for inclusion in the Bing News Index, news sites must first adhere to the Bing Webmaster General, Guidelines, as well as specific requirements.

  ๐Ÿ‘‰The General Guidelines cover a wide range of topics including content, links, social media, indexing, technology, search engine optimization (SEO), abuse, and what to avoid such as blocking, duplicate content, social media systems, and spam.

  ๐Ÿ‘‰You should review these instructions carefully.  First, check the ownership of the news site(s) in Bing Webmaster Tools.  You will have to verify ownership again in Bing News PubHub.

  ๐Ÿ‘‰I've collected for you a bunch of eligibility information, best practices, and blocked content and submit your site to the Bing News PubHub directly from Bing, the header information is verbatim.

Merit - Eligibility

The following sites are not eligible for inclusion in the Bing News Index:
  1. Non-news sites are primarily designed to market products or services.
  2. Sites that post content that does not adhere to basic standards for grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, and word use.
  3.  Sites with the primary purpose of unauthorized news or content aggregation.
  4. Sites that do not publish with a certain level of frequency.

 Best Practices

Accountability and transparency.  Sites must identify the property with easily accessible and verifiable contact information, including all of the following:
  • E-mail address
  • Physical address
  • Publisher name
  • Telephone number
Content Rights and Liability.  Sites must have legal rights to post content on their site and take responsibility for content posted on their site.

Attribution and Representation:
Clear and verifiable copyrights must be provided for the content, including articles, images, and graphics.
The byline should mainly use the full names of the writers (no pseudonyms or posts by the 'admin').
Sources must be provided for facts, quotes, and opinions.

The content of the site consistently reflects the stated purpose and theme of the site.

Headings and link text must accurately represent the relevant content.

Comments, opinions, and reviews should be clearly labeled.

Prohibited Content

Prohibited content includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Explicit sexual content.
Explicit sexual content or promoting illegal sexual activity is not permitted.
Hate promotion.
Content that condones hatred or incites violence based on race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation is not permitted.
Threatening or violent activity.
Content that promotes illegal activities or is used to threaten, harass, organize violence or support violent organizations is not allowed.

Submit Your Location to Bing News PubHub

If you are confident that your site meets all of the above criteria, submit it to Bing News PubHub.
Many factors can affect your site's appearance in Bing search results.  Algorithms are based on variables that can include source authority, newsworthiness, originality, and relevance.

Bing provides a customer support contact email, which you can use to ask any questions you might have about their guidance.  However, they will not provide feedback on how to improve your site for rating.

BingNewsHub-Technical Help Guidelines Download

If you've reviewed the Bing News PubHub Technical Guidelines above and know what to expect in a submission, you can go ahead.

Manage Bing News PubHub.

Be prepared to provide location information such as facts about the nature and content of your site.  You will also need links to specific sections dedicated to news content, such as sports, news, or politics.
A link to a validated RSS or Atom feed, which can be generated by the WordPress news plugin, will also be required, as well as a sitemap link.  Provide a public email address for Bing to reach you with questions or issues with your site.

The Referral area allows you to specify the name of the site that users see when accessing content.  For example, if a publisher called James hub "Education" wanted an abbreviated version of their name to appear with their content, that publisher would enter "James hub" in the attribution section.

Update Information in Bing News PubHub

Once your site is approved, you can update the information at any time by visiting the Your Sites area and clicking the site's Update button.
Add or update news sections, RSS feed links, or sitemap links if you didn't include them when you initially submitted your site.

Save any changes by clicking (Update)

Site updates should be reviewed by a dedicated team.  You can view whether or not your update has been approved by looking at the status of the appropriate section.  For example, the News Sections area displays the status of any updates with one of the following results:

Not acceptable
 Your update does not comply with the publisher's guidelines. your information will remain as it was before trying to update.
 Your application is under review by the Bing News Pubhub team.
 Your update has been approved and is reflected in Bing News.


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