How to Write a Post on Your Blog & Be Search Engine

The Difference

Do you know the difference between a regular blog post and a sponsored blog post?  If you have no idea then I suggest you continue reading if you know everything then skip that and go straight to the part you want and share.

Regular blog post

This includes the normal blog post of medium content structure with the ability to add your favorite media links.  This technique is the most useful and popular because it is lightweight and easy.

But your competitors may use the same content strategy which means you generate traffic slowly.  In other words, your content is not unique, in fact, your content looks like many other pro bloggers.

Sponsored Blog Post

Sponsored content on your blog is the next step in content marketing if you are going for there then you must learn a few things. When you write a sponsored blog post it should have a few things extra like PayPal, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Mailchimp, Google ads, and Linkin integrations.
You can set it up in your tools panel πŸ‘‰ marketing πŸ‘‰ marketing tools. Another thing you should know when you write a sponsored blog post then you need to know how to post:

1. HTML code.
2. Video.
3. Numbered list.
4. Columns.
5. Underline, italic, and bold words.
6. Headings. 
7. Links. 
8. Bullet lists.
9. Embeds.
10. Shortcode.
11. GIFs.
12. Social media buttons.
13. Do-follow linking.

When you know how and why you need to use them, that blog post stands out from the crowd.  This will help you with branding or marketing goals.

How to write a paid blog post and content?

Writing this type of content follows the same structure as a regular blog post.  What’s unique is the words you need to recommend the content to your readers and why they should follow or click.  It doesn’t write a story and hopefully, you get some likes or followers.

If you are interested in getting likes and followers, you should write a regular blog post.  However, a paid blog post requires content that you can impact and have a good influence on the internet as well as any reader/user.

What should you pay attention to when writing a sponsored post or content?

First, you should know a little about

• For which device? Desktop,
• mobile, or a tablet user.
• Education level. (basic).
• Ages.
• AM/PM.
Your target audience.
Is your blog responsive and user-friendly?

Your USP Unique Selling Point

When you start writing, make sure you have a keyword-related title in your blog post when you create links and try it out with a call to action button if everything works and directs to the right pages.  Also, check if there are broken links or inactive pages that have been closed.

Learn how to style the content layout with clear markers so that the reader/user/customer does not feel misled when they view your content.


A sponsored blog post demands that you should learn new things in content marketing.
Once you get used to it, it can start new business opportunities for your blog as a whole.  Don’t underestimate the power of a regular blog post but if you want to grow your blogging, I suggest learning how to commercialize content.

You can start with guest posting on blogs that accept it and collaborate with them. Once you’ve mastered guest posting, your next step is paid guest posting or sponsored blog posting.

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