Why are backlinks important in off-page SEO?

The concept of (Backlinks) varies according to the way that webmasters or content makers use the Internet to publish links to their pages or articles and link them to each other. This method is called publicizing the site or articles (Backlinks), external optimization for search engines, or external SEO.

This method helps webmasters to appear in the first search results and also helps the content creator or editor in his smart marketing activities that he establishes outside his site by using other famous sites.

This method aims to link his site with strong and reliable sources, give his site trust, good reputation, and publicity, and facilitate and raise the rate of crawling by search engine spiders, which contribute to the appearance of his article or site in the first results of search engines.

What are the types of external links or backlinks?

The value and quality of backlinks or external links that turn the audience to your site increases in the case of recommending and recommending popular sites for these links and the transfer of trust (Authority), which is very similar to the recommendation that a trusted person recommends to people.

External links may negatively affect your site if suggestions are submitted from a site that does not hold the public's trust  To clarify further;  You need to know the types of backlinks.
1- Internal links

It is the method used to get a “backlink” by linking the topics and articles of the site to each other through the narration of texts and directing the audience browsing to your site to other pages that carry content related to the first content, which is a good way and will help your site appear and is preferred by search engines a lot.

2- External links

There are many types of external backlinks;  Because it depends on innovation and many experiences, the most important of which are:


It is by commenting on the posts on the sites, mentioning the name of your site or its link in the comment.

Articles and Publications of Other Websites

This method is considered one of the most important and best methods of creating a “backlink” and it is through the use of publishing your site link in articles on famous sites, through knowledge, or if your content is creative and professional that makes famous sites take it and link its content to it.
This type is divided into two branches:

Do-Follow Links

An external link that conveys the authority of a page to your site. This occurs in strong site posts with high authority. It helps search spiders track your site and enhances the relevance of the content you provide.
By directing users from powerful sites to pages that you consider important, you enhance your site's credibility with them.

This is done by “tag” the link, which contains the (rel="dofollow") feature, which increases network traffic and transmits positive messages to search engines, which in turn notes the value of the page suggested by the powerful site.
Of course, this method needs a specialist because using it in the wrong way 
negatively affects your site and its reputation and the user as well.

No-Follow Links

It is also an external link that carries the (rel="nofollow") feature inside the tag. The function of this feature is to tell search engines that there is no recommendation for this link to be ignored while the search engine spiders are on the move.
This means no transfer of trust or authority from the linking site.
It is famous for the sites that allow publishing and comments to everyone, such as social networking sites, and many may think that the “No-Follow Links” backlink is not important because it makes search engines not consider this link, but it is of great importance for several reasons:

1- The search engines think that a large number of Dovolo links on the page is a form of fraud, and sometimes when there are many Dovo links on the page, this is reflected negatively;  The use of Novolo suffices in this case.
2- Nofollow links help bring visitors from social networking sites.
3- A site may be damaged and subject to punishment from search engines. When you use a no-follow link for you, this will not cause the damage to be transferred to your site.
4- Ease of obtaining backlinks of this type.

Important tips for using backlinks:
  • Do not use the programs that spread links that are promoted as being useful to you in the “backlink”.
  • Search engines, especially Google, intentionally reject the excessive exchange of links between sites.
  • Do not try to put your site links in a random and unhelpful way to the public and do not post too much in one day.
  • Benefit from building your internal links on your site by linking pages in a useful way.


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