Google My Business Reviews

Google My Business Reviews


Google My Business

What is Google My Business?

Your business profile appears correctly when people search for your business or businesses like your business on Google Search or Maps.  Google My Business makes it easy to create and update your business profile, so you can stand out and attract customers.

Why is it better to use google my business?

Google My Business is free advertising for your local business on its platform.  Profiles are usually created automatically, so it's best to follow the claim and management process for your business profile on your own.  The platform for running your business is simple enough and integrates with Google's advertising products if you are looking to increase your reach by investing in their premium ads.

What are the things you might not like about Google My Business?

There are some issues I would like to address about how (GMB) works.

Google User Input

Google allows users to suggest changes to the GMB profile and Google determines, or more likely an algorithm if those changes are legitimate.  The problem here is that user suggestions tend to override the stakes, which is often, or at least in our cases, a deliberate decision.  The phone numbers and hours of operation have been modified by incorrect user suggestions, and it is frustrating for those who participate and administer the platform to enter and not only monitor these changes but also reverse them if the information in the change is incorrect.  I understand the need for autonomy from Google's perspective, but if a business is actively managed, user suggestions should be taken with caution and not as instant facts.

What are the things you might not like about Google My Business?

Somehow I would say that when I go through the statistical reports with the search terms, it is very confusing to understand how the search terms are implemented from any site.

Recommendations for the Google My Business service:

If you are starting any business, services in your area, you need to upload your site.  If you are new to your local area to run a business/services, you should use Google My Business to create a profile on Google Maps and update it regularly with the latest information to get the most out of it.

What problems does Google My Business solve?

What benefits did you notice?

Google My Business solved many problems with my profession and promotions.  


Promotional organic search offers, business listing with a display of services and products, sharing of latest updates and photos, vacation information, contact information, website links, traffic information, and reputation management.

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