Top 7+ Search Engines:best alternatives to Google search engine

Top 7+ Search Engines

Are you looking for a list of search engines that you can use when the day comes that Google's search engine stops working? While this is a long way off in the near future, the possibility remains. 

My friend who worked with the once mighty Yahoo! told me way back in 2013 that Googling "Yahoo" was a common practice among his teammates.

As strange as it sounded then, it marked Yahoo! transition from being the best search engine to what it is now, giving way to the omnipotence of Google. 

Of course, you can't argue if I say that "Yahoo missed the train that Google is currently driving." 

When Larry Page and Sergey Brin were staying up late into the night to complete a college project, Jerry Yang and David Filo, the founders of Yahoo, never suspected that geeks were shaping their nemesis: Google! 

The transformation of search engines is a never-ending process, and over the past two decades of using these top search engines, a lot of water has passed under the bridge.  

The search engine landscape has been carved out many times by corporations that thought they could stay here forever. 

However, innovation and disruptive technology had different plans for these corporations, sending them into the history books. 

However, the contributions made by these pioneering search engines cannot be overlooked, as they were the ones that fueled the new generation of search engines, including Google, to innovate.  

Today, there are several alternative web search engines that can provide quality results like Google. 

Some of them are region-specific and others are accessible to a global audience. 

However, the search functionalities of the major search engines remain the same. 

Therefore, this post will be updated frequently, as the answer to "what are the top search engines" is likely to change over time. You can also find different types of search engines that people use as alternative search engines. 

How do search engines work? 

Search engines have three main functions: 

  • Indexing: Store and organize the content found during the crawling process.
  • Crawl: They scan the Internet for content on every URL they find.   
  • Sorting: Display the content that best responds to a searcher's query, ordered from most to least relevant.


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