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The performance of material that appears in Google News is now being reported by Google Search Console. 

News publishers will be able to more accurately assess the performance of their content thanks to a new report in Google Search Console. 

In order to better analyze user behavior on Google News across our Android and iOS applications as well as on, we are launching Google News performance reporting today. 

By going into Search Console and selecting Google News on the left-hand menu, site owners can see the new performance report. 

The report covers metrics like impressions, clicks, and click-through rate and is comparable to other Search Console reports (CTR). Data can be divided into categories based on devices, countries, and dates. 

The number of times that users have seen and clicked on an article from a website in Google News may be found in the report for Google News in Search Console. 

Since this particular type of data could not previously be isolated, this innovation is significant for publishers. 

Any site that appears in Google News will now have access to this information through Search Console. If you do not see this report for your website, it is likely because Google News does not often feature your items. 

Publishers no longer need to submit their website in order to be considered for the Google News app and website. 

Publishers who join the Google Publisher Center may find that it helps them perform better in Google News. Although it is in no way necessary, there are a number of advantages to doing this, which I'll discuss in the next section. 

Improve Your Google News Performance With Publisher Center 

It's time to start considering strategies to enhance your Google News performance month over month now that you can analyze it more accurately. 

In order to achieve that, you can join up for Google Publisher Center. Websites can share content directly with Google News via the Publisher Center service by providing RSS feeds, website URLs, or videos. 

There is no need to submit your news items directly to Google because they will locate it through regular site crawling. Greater control over the appearance of the content is provided by Publisher Center, which may enhance performance. 

The following are some of Publisher Center's main advantages:

Content and branding control: Design, brand, and personalize the content and sections of your publication in Google News. 

Monetization: Run advertisements within the Google News app's content area. The app supports premium solution advertisements and ad serving through Google Ad Manager. 

Newsstand eligibility: In the relevant nations/regions, publications having commercial terms are eligible to appear in the Newsstand area of the Google News app. 

It should be noted that submitting a feed through Publisher Center does not ensure that the content will appear in Google News or raise a site's ranking there.


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