Google Tag Manager Server-side Tagging Tutorial



Google Tag Manager Server-Side Tagging is a version of GTM that runs on the Google Cloud Platform and acts as a Proxy between your Client Side Tracking and your marketing Vendors. We can send data from the browser to our GTM Server-Side instance and then forward it to Google Analytics, Facebooks Conversion API and more. In this video we are going to setup Google Tag Manager Server Side.

What does Google Tag Manager do?

Is Google Tag Manager free to use?

What is Google Tag Manager in SEO?

Where do I find Google Tag Manager?

The server-side Google Tag Manager has an excellent preview mode, which allows you to inspect incoming requests, monitor an event data object, view console messages and identify outgoing requests, among other things.

To enable this web preview mode, simply click the Preview button in the container, after which any request sent from the same browser instance will be automatically displayed in the preview mode window.

However, what if you want to send requests from another browser, or from a non-browser data source, or what if you want to play with XHR or Fetch without accessing your cookie credentials?


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