how to get your company or Website listed in Google News

Google News Listing for Your Website

Do you want to know how to have the noteworthy information on your website mentioned in Google News? Get the rules, recommendations, and advice right here. 

Website owners are continually looking for innovative ways to divert traffic from Google's market-dominating search engine to their own websites. 

Being included in Google News is a great method to boost the visibility of your content because Google gives top stories more exposure. 

It used to take a few steps to be taken into consideration for listing in Google News. 

Google, however, modified its guidelines and eliminated the demand for site submissions in the latter part of 2019.

What Is Google News? 

Thousands of news sources from around the world are gathered and aggregated by Google News, a computer-generated vertical search engine. 

Then, Google presents them in accordance with a number of criteria, such as user preferences and interests, relevance, the age of the information, and authority. 

Google also prominently displays News items inside their main search results pages, while visitors may access Google News directly by visiting to

Here’s an example of what the Google News home screen looks like. 

Take note of features including: 

functionality of the search bar (typical search engine use). 

Filtering (Region, as well as headlines, classic, or condensed news). 

Side navigation (quick topic filtering functionality). 

Weather app. 

Location and preference-based information widget (displaying local news based on preferences and location data). 

Editors’ picks. 

Top stories (region set and global). 

Suggested for you (user behavior and preference-based data). 


Why Do Websites Want to Get Into Google News? 

Increasing the reach, visibility, and traffic of the brand/expert/service is the obvious solution to this from a holistic standpoint. 

Trust has the potential to be a fundamental differentiator online between brands and websites, influencing user behavior both before (in an advertisement) and after (on a website). 

Included in Google News is another opportunity for many companies to get more out of their present and future content. 

When you put a lot of effort, money, and resources into a certain area of your website, you need to get a good return on that investment. 

Additionally, the Top stories section may offer a speedier route to search results that are extremely competitive. 

Here's an illustration of how a Google News result monopolizes prime space on a search engine results page with fierce competition.

Getting Into Google News 

As with all of Google's search results, adhering to standards and best practices can help your content appear in Google News and rank highly. 

We concentrate on the fundamental rules that you must adhere to in order to have any chance of success with Google News in the parts that follow. 

General Guidelines 

Content Types 

As you might expect, the material must be current, pertinent, and thought to be interesting by the Google News audience. 

Tips and advice, job listings, and information-only material like stock prices and the weather are some examples of content that does not come under this category. 

Originality & Readability 

Content has to be accurate and original. You must distinguish between self-generated and aggregated information if your website contains both types. Otherwise, none of it will appear in Google News or remain there. 

The likelihood of content appearing in Google News increases when it demonstrates industry-leading expertise. 

Additionally, it should be backed up by trust indicators like a physical address, supporting authorship, and contact information. 

For more, see the full list of Google News general guidelines.

Google News Tips & Advice 

There are a number of other tactics that can be used to help you get your content to display and rank in Google News.

Doing the Basics Well 

There are broader areas that can positively impact your Google News eligibility and ranking – many of these are down to getting the basic stuff right. 

News content should be clearly labeled as such. It should: 

• Have a unique subfolder (i.e., 

• Each news story needs to have a descriptive URL reflecting the content topic. 

New content must be easily available, load rapidly, and contain a wealth of data. Additionally, it ought to be worthwhile, current, fact-based, and free of overtly promotional language. 

Rather than publishing 10 articles in one day and then nothing for a month, you should regularly and continuously publish news. 

Ensure that the content is simple to read, share, and interact with; the more user quality signals that the content generates, the better. 

News Sitemap 

You can take control of the news content items that are meeting or exceeding the Google guidelines criteria and highlight those most likely to give the results you are looking for by establishing a specific sitemap for Google News and uploading this directly to Google. 

As with all sitemaps, this can hasten and increase the likelihood that Google will successfully locate your material and show it in the search results.

Submitting Your Website 

Although submission is no longer necessary, Google's Publisher Center membership does offer some additional benefits, as stated by Google:

  • Content and branding control: Design, brand, and personalize the content and sections of your publication in Google News. 

  • Monetization opportunity: Run advertisements inside the app's content section. Through Google Ad Manager, Google News offers ad serving, including premium solution advertisements. Publishers who use Subscribe with Google can use paywalls in Newsstand. 

  • Placement eligibility: (In suitable countries/regions) Publications with commercial terms are eligible to appear in the Newsstand part of the app. Placement is not guaranteed. Our merchandising staff independently chooses publications for Newsstand based on promotional timing, user experience quality, and relevancy to promotional topic. 

In addition, some publishers have reported being included in Google News much more quickly after submitting their site.


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