What are the Pros and Cons of Google Chrome


Google is the primary search provider for a reason. Some users may still find Google's search results superior to Duckduckgo, FireFox, edge..

Google Chrome can be further optimized in terms of privacy by launching browsers.
Other privacy-enhancing features include the ability to change encryption options in the settings to modify how data is collected or to select which online services Chrome uses.


Google's default settings allow the storage, tracking and sale of users' personal data to third parties.

It can extract data from your private emails.

Like Google Chrome is still susceptible to some viruses and malware.

Your Privacy

If you opt to use Google, take advantage of the privacy options it includes and be aware of cookies and other settings that allow you to maximize privacy.  And whichever option you choose, you should also use them in conjunction with good antivirus software to protect yourself and your devices from privacy and other threats.


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