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Many of Google's popular services have a history of updates and iterations. It has ended up with Allo, Hangouts and countless other software products over the years to confuse us all, so it's no surprise that Google Pay has been updated to become Google Wallet. 

Google has decided to turn Google Pay into Google Wallet for all Android users through an update to the app. So, if you already use Google Pay, you'll soon notice some changes. But it's not that easy.

Google Pay had already been redesigned in the United States and Singapore. Interestingly, those countries will receive both Google Pay and Google Wallet with essentially the same functionality, but the redesign will be rolled out to the rest of the world as Google Wallet only, and Google Pay will be discontinued. Only Google Pay will be available in India. This is the Google logic we are all familiar with. 

Google Wallet is similar to Apple's one-stop-shop approach to mobile payments and happens with its own (you guessed it) Wallet app for iOS. 

While many of Wallet's features are not new, it's worth upgrading to the latest version. Here's what it can do. 

Keep track of your credit and debit cards 

As before, it lets you digitally store your credit and debit cards, allowing you to make payments if your phone has NFC and the store accepts contactless payment or tap to pay. 

If you use it frequently, it's a good place to keep track of all your transactions in one place. 

Protect your payment information 

With your cards registered, you can also use Google Wallet to pay for items on many mobile websites instead of having to type in your information each time or give that data to multiple merchants. 

Show your boarding passes 

If you're traveling abroad, you can save time by downloading your electronic boarding passes to Google Wallet instead of printing them. When it's time to board, the app will display a constant notification on your lock screen and in the notification shade so you can easily find it. 

In some cases, the app can also store concert tickets and other tickets, as well as vaccination cards in countries that use them. 

Keep track of your transportation passes 

If you live in the United States, you're in luck: at launch, Google Wallet can store your transit pass for many U.S. subway and rail systems, but not others. 

Store your loyalty and gift cards 

Google Wallet also scans your Gmail and accurately surfaces loyalty cards from supermarkets and other merchants, storing them in the app for easy access. 

Similarly, if you receive a gift card, Google Wallet supports many local merchants. This includes Tesco, Costa, Asda, John Lewis and Boots in the UK.

Get the Google Wallet app 

From the Play Store, download the Google Wallet app


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