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Lots of people are talking about a new SEO tool for businesses   SeoView.   in the future, this tool will become the best SEO tool with its special features that will make it the first choice for businesses. "This review covers some important aspects of SEO software". Review

How SeoView Works

The tool works with a Google search as a Chrome extension, Which makes it easy to use:

• Users open a Google start page and type in a search term.

• The page looks similar to a regular Google SERP,  There are several additional pieces of data.

• Users can see a box on the bottom of each of the results, which are the same results they would see in a regular search on Google.

• The boxes show important SEO metrics for the top SERP links. With this information, users may modify or refine their own SEO strategies.

• The tool includes some features that may assist in strategic planning.

Tool Design and Graphics

The design of the SeoView tool is very simple and easy for anyone new to SEO to understand and use. The graphics are clear. Users who require larger print to see can adjust screen settings to view the metrics and features in a larger font.


An explanatory video showing the main features of the SeoView tool:

Reveals each competitor’s number of backlinks.

Displays domain authority for competitors.

Shows monthly traffic and traffic cost for competitors.

Displays Google and Facebook keyword data for top competitors.

Shows volume, competition, and CPC for keyword searches.

Provides millions of keyword suggestions and shows competing ads.

Plans and Pricing

There are two service plans. SeoView offers a yearly subscription and a continuance deal. The continuance deal is promoted the heaviest, and the     has a banner that showcases it along with a reduction. The continuance deal is priced at $59, and with the 20% reduction, that evens out to a little over $47. In discrepancy, the yearly subscription is $27. For the continuance deal, druggies have a limit of 1,000 keywords for exploration per month with SEO data, Facebook data, and backlinks. With the yearly plan, keyword exploration is unlimited, and druggies have access to Facebook data, SEO data, and backlinks.

Pros and Cons

Like all tools, SeaView has advantages and disadvantages. This is what will make you make the decision based on the analysis of the resources mentioned in the reviews.


These are the main strong points of SeoView:

• Keyword suggestions include long-tail keywords as well.

• Offers many keyword suggestions.

• Simple-to-use tool design.

• Includes several key metrics for SEO strategy planning.

• Paying users receive a quick response when they request email support.


There is no link to a page about the company or its history. It was copyrighted in 2021. These are some disadvantages and potential drawbacks of SeoView:

• May not work on foreign Google sites.

• Although there is a contact form on the site, it does not always work.

• Several users experienced errors and were unable to send messages to receive a response about inquiries. 

• The site currently shows a link at the bottom to SEO consultation services, but it leads to a 404 error page.

• The lifetime price limits keywords search to 1000 per month.

• Although a monthly subscription allows unlimited keyword searches, the price is steep.

• Aside from the same information on the webpage, there is little information about it online.

How SEO software compares to competitors ahrefs, semrush and moz

Still, there are other tools you can use to negotiate these introductory tasks without having to pay, If you're a business proprietor or website director looking to asset on challengers. These are two of the top free SEO toolbar providers.


The Ahrefs toolbar shows your challeperceptivelyite perceptivity. It's available for Chrome or Firefox. You can see a free on-SEO report, which includes content title scale, content update dates, straggler directives, sitemaps, open graph markers, alt textbooks, titles, and much. When you use the free tool, you can see sphere standing, number of backlinks, search business, number of keywords, URL standing, and pertaining disciplines. You can pierce the frecomparison,then. In comparison with SeoView, Ahrefs offers analogous crucial features and several others.


This is a well-known name in the world of SEO tools. It's available for Chrome. The toolbar is free to download, and you have access to a wide variety of criteria for custom quests. You can see   criteria for keywords, business volume, backlinks, ranking, and much  . Also, you can set up specific hunt biographies to snappily use for unborn quests. Like Ahrefs and SeoView, Moz also offers keyword suggestions and features to help you optimize your  . You get free DDoS protection as well. You can pierce the extension then. Compared to SeoView, Moz has several of the same main benefits, and it has features that can help save time.


Is SeoView worth its cost? The  states that the price is a limited- time deal, and the 20% reduction clearly adds to the success of creating a sense of urgency for   callers to buy it. still,   at a cost of a little   than $45, it may not be worth the investment. Considering the disadvantages of the SeoView tool and how it compares to challengers, it may not be the excellent value that it appears to be at first regard. Also, keep in mind that free tools can negotiate   80% of the other SEO tasks that people need to do away from high- volume quests and tasks that bear advanced functionality.


While SEO software may sound enticing with its reduction and continuance access to let you asset on challengers online, you   get what you pay for with similar deals. Some of the stressed features you can profit from on SeoView are free to use on contending toolbars from well- known names in SEO. It's   to use a free toolbar for introductory tasks and leave the complex bones to experts   of a paid software program.

Although SEO toolbars can be useful to show you important perceptivity, they don't completely cover all the Erectingy tasks for the strongest strategy. erecting a strong SEO strategy can be a frustrating and complex process without the   professional help and knowledge. To add to the complexity, Google’s algathms change.   Google’s CEO, the reality made an normal of about 1.5 algorithm changes per day in 2010 alone. There are still hundreds of changes per time, and spots  optimized to satisfy Iogorithm specifications.

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